Jan 14, 2013

A post that would have never happened...

{Little obsessed with my shoes, please don't mind}

{In love with this new Gem from Anthropologie}

{Button Down - Gap, Jeans - similar Zara similar Asos, Shoes - Urban Outfitters, Coat - Target, Bracelet - Antropologie}

Yes, this post would have never happened if it wasn't for the husband, who pressured me into
a) taking photos of the outfit
b) posting it here

I wanted this space only for the outfits that I have made and this outfit does not fall under that category. I have not made this shirt(from Gap) and I have certainly not made the jeans (from Zara) so I wasn't going to take any photos and certainly not thinking about blogging it, but the husband suggested taking some pictures which clearly I didn't mind.
And later he said I looked nice and that is all it took me to write this post.

- Mitali