Jan 7, 2013

January Inspiration

{Butterick Pattern, Vogue pattern, Pinned image of a dress (Surendri By Yogesh Chaudhary) from Perniaspopshop, Anthropologie necklaces, Anthropologie colorblock top, Coat Image from Pinterest, Fabrics swatches from}

Till now I had been collecting my inspiration cutouts in my "Inspiration Book", and now it is very heavy and difficult to carry around. Enter Pinterest, my sewing inspiration folder and access to hundreds of pins. I haven't been using pinterest so much but now I do see how it can help me organize my inspiration board neatly and less heavy.

On another note, you see all the fabric swatches on the right, I have all of them, yes I am a hoarder of pretty fabric...and I intend to get a lot of sewing done this week. Wish me luck!

P.S - New post will be up soon.