Jan 16, 2013

Jumpsuit Love

The first thing that strikes me when I see a jumpsuit is 'chic + comfort'! 

{Jumpsuit - Zara, Options - Budget, Somewhat Budget, Spend, Splurge}
 {Clutch - Similar, LipColor- Similar}

I believe a jumpsuit is both the hottest and the coolest thing to wear for it makes you look totally dapper and gives you the comfort of those baggy pajamas! I love how this one piece garment makes you look slimmer and taller (mostly in dark shades). Also, it gives you a break from wearing the same jeans/trousers without losing on the comfort.

This is one of my favorite jumpsuits as a) it’s a gift  b) I love its unusual brick brown color. I decided to go with the 'no -accessory' route as I wanted the jumpsuit to do the talking. The sun was really harsh that day so I had to befriend my sunnies and a pin tucked pony on the side! Since my jumpsuit, shades and clutch were all in similar color tones I decided to give my lips a pop of sun kissed orange.

I hope this post inspires you to give this super chic and super comfortable garment a try and in case you do try on some jumpsuits, please share your story with me here! J

- Monica