Jan 25, 2013

Lippy Love

"If I walk outside without Lipstick, I feel naked." - Sofia Vergara

The quote definitely stands true for me for I absolutely love (read cannot live without) Lipsticks. And nothing brightens up my day better than a pop of color.
Believe me girls, a pop of color on your lips can completely transform your entire look and yes it’s always a good idea to spend on those beautiful colored sticks (Guilty!)  So here’s a list of some of the lip colours I’m currently crushing on, which also is a must-have lipstick list for every girl out there!

1. Red: My absolute favorite! The color of love, the colour of beauty, there’s something alluring about this colour and I truly believe that it suits everyone. You might want to try different shades in this if you are confused!
Tip – When in doubt, wear Red lipstick and go glam! 
You can check out my picks from the red family here, here, here and here.

2. Coral:  There are many a days when you are in the ‘No make-up’ mood and for those days you must befriend the sun kissed coral lips! A flurry of orange on your lips can lit up your face even on days when you are too tired to do anything else!
Tip – Sunglasses and sun kissed lips go hand in hand! 
You can check out my picks from the Coral family here, here, here and here.

    3. Fuchsia – Dab on this ‘pretty in pink’ color on your lips and you are good to go! There are a plenty of shades available in fuchsia for you to match it with your skin tone! Best worn with black, white, blue, yellow or any lighter colors!
Tip – The brighter, the better! 
You can check out my picks from the Fuchsia family here and here.

    4. Oxblood: Now, this can be a real tricky colour to pull off but if worn correctly, it can be the statement-maker! This bold lip color has been topping the beauty charts for a while and it well deserves to for it definitely is an eye-grabber. It would be a wise thing to match your nails with your lips if you are  thinking of going the oxblood way and also to be minimalistic with your make up!
Tip – It’s always a good idea to try something new! 
I loved this one and this one.

    5. Nude: A color you can always rely on! Best paired with heavy or smokey eye makeup.  Choose a nude lip color shade which almost matches your natural lip color to have the best results.
Tip -   Play natural, play smart!
Try this one or this one, both will play up the natural tone and show the fabulous you.

- Monica