Feb 17, 2013

DIY : Beaded Beanie

I would say I am a DIY person. If I can make it (for cheaper), I won't buy it. But sometimes situations force you into a DIY (I am trying to make it sound as if the universe conspired to make me make this DIY....just kidding).
So it all started it with me browsing Anthropologie website (come on who does not like Anthropologie), I saw this bead-dusted beanie and really liked it. The next day I visited the store only to see that they were all sold out (such a serious demand for a beanie?). The associate suggested I could order one online, but I hate paying shipping charges(confession!), so I decided to make my own.

Here is the finished look -

And here is how I made it -

Material needed - Plain beanie, gold/silver beads and super glue.

To do - Stick the beads on the beanie any way you want. I glued mine in columns about one inch apart.
A lot of patience and about 45 mins later, the bead dusted (glued rather) beanie is ready to be worn.

And voila, it is ready to be worn.

- Mitali