Mar 16, 2013

Lets talk: Skirts!!

"A woman’s closet should be as versatile as her personality"

So live a little and experiment.

Today we talk about skirts. Skirts add a very feminine touch to the body and are probably the best option to wear in summer. There are many different types of skirts to suit every body type.  Maxi , midi, peplum, gored, gypsy, godet,  tube, paneled, straight, dirndl, wraped, circular are some of the popular skirt type.  We talk about a few types and the body types they suit. Head up, it is long post!!

Short skirts
Popular short skirt choices include tube, straight, mini, flared, peplum, gored etc.  Girls with slimmer figure can opt for the tube, godet, straight patterns as they highlight the legs and the bottom. Also, these patterns look great on tall girls. On the other hand, girls with fuller figure can opt for the flared, tiered and pleated skirt as they highlight the waist and take away attention from your thighs. Wearing short peplum skirts is a great way of highlighting your waist and bottom.
Here are a few outfit ideas for you - 
{From left to right, Tops - SameSame, Same
{Skirt - Same, Similar, Similar}

Midi Skirts: 
If you like looking polished, look no more. Midi skirts add a very formal, chic and classy vibe to the body.  Choose between high waist, straight, ankle length, high-low, flared types to suit your body type, occasion or mood. A black straight skirt is a wardrobe essential for its versatility quotient.  Thinner waist ladies,  draw attention to your waist, add high waist skirts to your wardrobe.
Or add a little fun with mid-waist high-low skirt, the high-low nature of the skirt will draw attention towards to the sexy legs. Midi length chiffon skirts with pleats are also a good idea if you do not like the body-clinging skirts.
Here are a few outfit ideas for you - 

{Top - Same, Same, Same}
{Skirt - Same, Same, Similar}

Maxi Skirts: 
Maxi skirts are our favorite as they suit all body types, are very comfy and give you the feminine touch you need. They are also great for summers when you really can’t wear those tight jeans and want a break from wearing shorts.  These free flowing skirts can be sported by anyone. If you are short, try breaking up your outfit by adding a belt which adds proportion to your body. If you are heavy on the bottom, go sleeveless or pick a one shoulder top that attracts attention to your top and if you are heavy on top, try mixing a loose top or add a layer of a cardigan or a jacket with your straight maxi  length skirt. There are various types of maxi skirts available like mermaid, pleated, straight and tight for everyone to experiment. Also, there are some palazzo maxi skirts available which look like skirts but are actually flared palazzo pant :)
Here are a few outfit ideas for you -
{Skirt - Same, Same, Same}
We hope today’s post helped you all to decide the type of skirt you’d like to experiment with next! So comment below and tell us what your next shopping buy is going to be!