Apr 2, 2013

DIY : Love Statement Necklaces, make one yourself!

She looks happy, doesn't she?

Statement necklaces are everywhere and they definitely deserve to be! Add a statement necklace to your outfit and it makes you look bold. One day while looking for fabric in Joann, these pink beads caught my eye and you know how I am, all I knew was that I wanted to make my own necklace. Yes, a trip to a craft store  can have it's effects. :)

Here is what you will need -

Beads - Choose sizes and colours that compliment each other. Mine are glass beads. I chose larger pink ones and smaller green ones. I decided to add very small white beads to keep the pink beads separate.

Scissors and Pliers - Wire cutter, nose pilers and scissors

Bead stringing wire, jump rings, rope toggle, crimp beads

Step 1 - Cut two strands of wire and start stringing in the beads any way you like. This is how I did it.

Step 2 - Now separate the wires and put in the beads in contrast colour. I added a few white beads to add some more colour.

Step 3 - Now add in the smaller beads, add until you reach your desired length. 

Step 4 - Close the necklace. I used rope toggles and crimp beads. 

There you have your necklace, perfect for casual or dressy look. I paired mine with polka dots, how would you wear yours?

I found a few options here, here and here.

- Mitali