May 14, 2013

Are you summer ready?

The season of scorching sun, hot winds and short clothes is almost here and so is our list of 5 fashion essentials for the summers!
Read on:
  1.  Hats: Hats are an absolute must for this season as the harmful UV rays can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Even if you apply sunscreen you need to wear a hat while steeping out in the sun as the facial skin is very delicate.  There are different types of hats available in the market like bucket, cowboy, fedora, trilby, floppy and trapper hats. So investing in a few hats is a good idea for this season as not only do they provide protection from the sun but also they make a super-cute fashion accessory.
  2.  Sunglasses:  A major fashion accessory, a major necessity in summers! The under eye skin in the most delicate and we must cover it before going out in the sun. Also, one must cover their eyes at all times while out in the sun as there’s too much dryness in this season and hence more dust and pollution. Not wearing sunglasses in the sun is one of the major reasons for baggy, puffy eyes and even dark circles as the harsh rays tend to make your eyes weary.
  3. Tank tops: They are the coolest thing to wear in this hot season!  Sticking to cotton tanks in the summer in the best idea, however if you are not fond of tanks you can wear pastel hued cotton shirts which are pretty much the trend right now.
  4. Shorts: This is the best season to wear shorts, so scavenge your closet for all the shorts you've got and flaunt your legs this summer.
  5. Flip flops: Go casual and chic with flip flops. They are great on comfort and they look good with almost everything.
So these were our top 5 fashion essentials for the summer, what are yours? Comment below and tell us! :)