May 17, 2013

Coral love!

{Maxi - Bought from a local Goa boutique, Accessories - Colaba, Bombay}

Firstly, my apologies to all you beautiful people out there for being so out of the Blogging scene lately! :( I was facing some health issues and hence was not able to contribute regularly to the Blog. But now that I’m back in action, I promise you guys a series of fun posts coming up soon. 
I really want to confess how empty and troubled I felt all the time just because I wasn't able to connect with you guys, show my outfits or even dress up. Being back sure feels good! :D

The post I share with you today is an old one, one that I wasn't sure was worth posting or not although I really love this 'boho' dress and the look.  The look dates back to last year monsoons when I was visiting the city of beaches, Goa! Even though people prefer travelling to Goa in winters or early summers, I love this city in the rainy season. I always feel the most joyous in the rains, the dark clouds and the thundering just makes me feel divine in a way. Everything around becomes so green and beautiful to look at, it's as if the environment is talking to you through it's beauty in the rains. Sigh! Talking so much about rains makes me hate the India summers even more! :( 
So it was just another rainy day in Goa and I wanted to wear something beachy and colorful, so I went with this cotton maxi dress. I just love the bright coral color it has!  Though I wasn't very sure of the pictures, this look has been one of my all time favourites. Hope you like it as much I do! :)

- Monica