May 6, 2013

Monday note : A thought, a question and an action

{Image via Pinterest}

You all must be thinking what is going on Pretty Purple Pins...It started out as Fashion (Monica) and Sewing (Mitali) blog and where are these inspiration posts (here and here , if you missed) coming from. Know that it is not a change of vision for the blog rather the state of mind of ours. Every now and then I find myself on the web browsing aimlessly on various websites or Pinterest looking for inspiration. And I shall accept I need it, I need these inspiring thoughts to have my feet on ground and head over the clouds. 

As for why this particular quote speaks to me, you see I do a corporate job during the day and do all the sewing, sketching (yes, I started illustrated, shall upload some of own work soon) at night. And every now and then, someone would ask me, why do you sew, isn't it easier to just buy it? I sew because it makes me happy. I like taking the journey of my projects, from fabric to the final garment. And while I agree that sometimes the end result doesn't turn out as amazing as I expected, it is no less an adventure. And I say to anyone who is reading, do your jobs and but do more of what makes you happy.

How's that for a Monday morning, ha?

- Mitali