Jul 22, 2013

One Skirt, Two Ways! (Dressy)

So in my last post, I shared with you all the casual look of this burgundy skirt and today I'm sharing the dressier version of the same skirt!

                 Skirt - (Find here), Top ( Similar here, here and here), Belt (Similar here), Earrings (Similar here)

It's amazing how different styling, accessories and hair can make so much difference to the same outfit. 
Actually I believe it's all really in styling, you can make anything look good if you know the tricks of styling and contrary to the popular belief, it's not so difficult. All you got to do is experiment BIG time! Yes, experimentation is the key! Experiment with your hair, make up, clothes, accessories and everything else that you can think of. There'll be many a times when you'll be disappointed and won't achieve your desired result but hey there's no harm in trying, right? 
I tell you I've failed so many times and I still do at creating certain hairstyles, make up looks and a lot of other things but I don't give up, I keep trying and that's what all of us should do! Ok, so coming back to our look of the day, here's the dressier version of the burgundy skirt. I thought this look could work well for a nice day event where you want to be comfortable and dressy at the same time. I totally love my lace crochet top, makes me feel very girl like. ;) The belt adds good definition to the waist and the earrings add the right bit of dressy. I'm certainly going to repeat this outfit very soon, by the way did you like the casual and the dressy versions of this skirt? 
Please leave your lovely comments below and tell me which look you like better! :)

   - Love,